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We’ll help you clean every part of your cinema!

In the movie business, keeping your cinemas clean and dust-free is essential. The risk of an illness outbreak is higher than usual when people are gathered in a dirty environment, and keeping your cinemas clean is one way to avoid that risk. Usafi Pro Cleaning is here to help you keep your cinema safe and clean!

With our cinema cleaning services in Vancouver, you can keep your cinema looking great before every show.

​ Our cinema cleaners will take down any posters or advertising material that may have been left up for too long. They’ll also perform regular deep cleans of the screen and projector, which will help remove any dirt build-up accumulated over time. With our comprehensive service, we can clean up any mess—from popcorn spills to spills on the floor to sticky gum stuck under seats. We can even clean up after a movie-theater break-in!

​ We know that when people go to the movies, they want a clean experience. That's why we promise to ensure everything is in tip-top shape before you even step foot in the theater. Our staff will arrive with supplies and equipment in tow, and we'll work tirelessly until every inch of space has been cleaned up and all surfaces shine like new.

​ And if something doesn't quite look right? We have solutions for that too! We offer free consultations with our experts who will help you choose a solution tailored to your needs. We've been doing it for years, so if you want us to come in and make your theatre look like a brand new place, give us a call.

Our Cinema Cleaning Checklist

Movie theatres are where people go to escape the stress of their everyday lives. They want to relax and forget about their problems for a few hours. However, your movie theatre must be sanitized before it can be used by the public again. At Usafi Pro Cleaning, we are known for offering the most detailed entertainment cleaning in Vancouver!

Our cinema cleaning services include the following:

* Cleaning of the auditorium, including tables, chairs, and equipment

* Cleaning of the restrooms and concession stands

* Cleaning of projection rooms, sound booths, and other areas in which film is watched

* Cleaning the walls, ceilings, and windows

* Removing any trash that may be on site

* Sweeping and mopping all of the floors

Importance Of Keeping Your Cinemas Clean

Movie theatres need regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition for years. As a cinema owner, you know the importance of creating a comfortable environment for your customers. Not only do they expect to have a good time while at your theatre, but they also want you to maintain a clean and safe space to feel comfortable during their movie experience.

Most cinemas have to clean their screens every day. This is because of the way that the light reacts with the screen material, which can cause dirt to accumulate on the surface. If this happens, it can become harder for people to see the movie clearly, leading to poor attendance and increased costs for advertisers.

If you're using a projector or other type of lighting system, you'll want to ensure that your equipment is cleaned regularly. This is because dust and dirt can build up over time, eventually wearing down your projector's lens or other parts. If this happens too often, it can affect how well your equipment works—which means all of us will lose out!


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